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Aurae is an emerging Architecture and Interior Design Practice, a venture founded by the dynamic partnership of Steven & Eliza D’Souza. Their evolution from students to partners, from entrepreneurs to parents, is injected with love, care, and passion. This heartfelt commitment resonates within their creations and fosters enduring connections with their clients.

Aurae was formed to create meaningful buildings with harmonious designs which lie lightly upon the land. They believe in creating sustainable and responsible houses and encourage this by using local materials and employing design techniques to ensure the house can embrace each season and connect to the environment and surrounding landscape.


Aurae takes a more informal approach to design which aligns with the Australian Lifestyle. Aurae believe's that buildings should be fun, flexible and forever adaptable within their environment.

Aurae is emerging an architecture and interior design studio with a core focus on harmonious designs which lie lightly upon the land.

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5759 The Bucketts Way

Burrell Creek NSW 2429

Aurae lives on the land of the Biripi People. We honour and show our respect to the Traditional Custodians of the Land, of Elders past and present.

Touch the earth lightly

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