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Eastlakes Terrace

Location: Eastlakes, Bidjigal & Gadigal Country

Type: Architecture

Date: 2021

Project Team: Interiors - Strutt Studios, Engineers - Islecrest and SDS Engineering, Builder - Sheeth

Eastlakes Townhouse - Situated on a long narrow site the townhouse is designed to meet both site boundaries. The design creatively achieves natural light, breezes and garden amenity though generous voids, lightwells and internal courtyards designed into the plan. The entrance is defined through a double space height being framed by external blade walls reaching out and welcoming you into the house. The master bedroom and living room take advantage of the tree canopy views and north facing garden.  The plan achieves three bedrooms and two bedrooms on the first floor with an extra bedroom & en suite within the attic space. The materiality of the house is solid brick, with natural timber features bringing warmth into the palette. 

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